3 Fragen an … Grzegorz Chodkowski, CEO der MedPharm Group

10. Juli 2013


GregzgorzUnser heu­ti­ger Inter­view­gast Dr. Grze­gor Chod­kow­ski ist Grün­der und CEO der Med­Ph­arm Group, deren Stamm­ge­schäft die Aus­rich­tung medi­zi­ni­scher Kar­rie­re­mes­sen ist. Die Med­Ph­arm Care­ers rich­ten sich an Ärzte, Kranken- und Pfle­ge­per­so­nal sowie andere Spe­zia­lis­ten aus dem medi­zi­ni­schen und phar­ma­zeu­ti­schen Sek­tor. Grze­gorz Chod­kow­ski ist selbst vom Fach, er schloss 2002 sein Medi­zin­stu­dium an der Uni­ver­si­tät in War­schau ab. Zwi­schen 2002 and 2010 arbei­tete er in der Inva­si­ven Kar­dio­lo­gie des Hos­pi­tals in Ost­rołęka (im Nord­os­ten Polens). Bereits seit 2001 unter­stütze er ver­schie­dene Start-ups. Sein Unter­neh­men betreibt außer­dem das eben­falls bran­chen­ori­en­tierte Job- und Kar­rie­r­e­por­tal Med­Ph­arm Jobs.

1.  When employ­ers par­ti­ci­pate in your career fairs, taking place throughout Europe, what bene­fits would be gai­ned? What can you tell us about the success/placement rates?

Grze­gorz Chod­kow­ski: Med­Ph­arm Care­ers is cur­rently the lar­gest medi­cal and nur­sing job fairs in Europe held twice a year since 2007 in 20 dif­fe­rent coun­tries. The Events are atten­ded by lea­ding medi­cal employ­ers and recrui­ters from Europe.  The for­mula of a job fair and direct mee­ting of employ­ers and job see­kers is the most pro­fes­sio­nal and the most appre­cia­ted by medi­cal pro­fes­sio­nals inte­rested in pur­suing their medi­cal care­ers in ano­ther coun­try. It  enables to get first hand infor­ma­tion and explore many dif­fe­rent oppor­tu­nities all in one place. Each year a few thou­sand of doc­tors, nur­ses, den­tists and other health­care pro­fes­sio­nals get their jobs thanks to Med­Ph­arm Care­ers in more than 20 coun­tries not only in Europe but all around the world.

2. You give inte­res­ting lec­tu­res on the recruit­ing fairs, e.g. about your pro­duct “Medi­cal Eng­lish” — what exactly does it mean for phy­si­ci­ans?

Grze­gorz Chod­kow­ski: Eng­lish is todays lin­gua franca of medi­cine and it almost repla­ces Latin as an inter­na­tio­nal lan­guage of com­mu­ni­ca­tion bet­ween doc­tors and pati­ents around the world.  Medi­cal Eng­lish is a must for every medi­cal pro­fes­sio­nal inte­rested in trai­ning or working in any of the Eng­lish spea­king coun­tries, and very often it is even a legal obli­ga­tion before a doc­tor is gran­ted with a medi­cal license. Howe­ver all doc­tors in a modern world should be flu­ent in Eng­lish and Medi­cal Eng­lish since this is the lan­guage of the cli­ni­cal rese­arch, medi­cal con­fe­ren­ces and most of the rese­arch papers are publis­hed in Eng­lish as well.  The MedicalEnglish24 Online course that is now avail­able through MedPharmJobs.com por­tal is a very pro­fes­sio­nal, prac­tical course that was writ­ten by a very expe­ri­en­ced team of Medi­cal Eng­lish teachers and aca­de­mics, doc­tors as well as native spea­kers. Since the course is avail­able fully online any medi­cal pro­fes­sio­nal around the world can join at study at his or her pace from the com­fort of his own home.

3.  We have noted during our recent par­ti­ci­pa­tion in the career fair in Buda­pest that many qua­li­fied can­di­da­tes deci­ded finally to go to other coun­tries, such as Swe­den or Swit­z­er­land. What might be the reason(s) and what has to change in Ger­many, that they come, work and stay here in the future?

Grze­gorz Chod­kow­ski: There are more and more oppor­tu­nities for medi­cal pro­fes­sio­nals to pur­sue their medi­cal care­ers in Europe but also out­s­ide Europe. The most com­mon desti­na­ti­ons for Euro­pean doc­tors from Europe include: United King­dom, Ire­land, Scan­di­na­via ( mainly Swe­den and Den­mark) and Ger­many. But there are also oppor­tu­nities in other coun­tries in Europe such as France, Bel­gium or Nether­lands or out­s­ide Europe e.g. Middle East, Canada, USA, Aus­tra­lia, New Zea­land or South Africa. There are various moti­va­tions why choose a par­ti­cu­lar coun­try but the main ones include:
— known lan­gua­ges where Eng­lish is the most spo­ken lan­guage or an ability to learn a new lan­guage for free ( offe­red for Scan­di­na­vian coun­tries or the Nether­lands)
— best rates of pay which include United King­dom, Ire­land, Nether­lands, Bel­gium and Scan­di­na­via
— oppor­tu­nities to train and to get the spe­cia­list trai­ning with Ger­many being the only coun­try in Europe that makes it so easy for doc­tors and medi­cal gra­dua­tes from around Europe to come and train in Ger­many.
— attrac­tive life­style, wea­ther or social sys­tem as well as many other moti­va­tions.

Ger­many is defi­ni­tely the easiest coun­try in Europe to get the spe­cia­list trai­ning and get an employ­ment as a doc­tor. Unfor­t­u­n­a­tely it is not the best pay­ing coun­try in Europe which might be the case for many spe­cia­list doc­tors to choose other coun­tries which offer bet­ter pay e.g UK, Ire­land, Swit­z­er­land, Hol­land, Bel­gium, Scan­di­na­via or even France. For many doc­tors a big obst­a­cle is also the lan­guage with quite high expec­ta­ti­ons from the Medi­cal Cham­ber and future employ­ers (a min. of B2 level) com­pa­ring to other coun­tries which are happy to accept doc­tors with slightly lower lan­guage skills at a start. The rising expec­ta­tion now is to be offe­red a full lan­guage sup­port and lan­guage trai­ning form the future employer to ease the pro­cess.

Thank you very much for the inter­view, Mis­ter Chod­kow­ski, and much suc­cess with your Med­Ph­arm Group.

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